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How to improve ospf routing capacity


How to improve ospf routing capacity

Hi All,

Hi have installed 2x8810 with multiple 5500G connected with 2x10Gbps link : 1 link 8810-01<>5500G-01 and 8810-02<>5500G-02.

I have 2 links between 8810 one on each 10g module for redudency. and between 5500 i have an AL 2x1Gb.

I have setup an area 0 that groupe all L3 links betwen each 8810 and 5500G.

I need to know how to improve a load sharing routing betwen each 5500G and 8810 to reache other segment with 5500G connected in symetric mode on the same area.

N.B: behind each 2x5500G i have some stacks of 4500 using MSTP and L2 trunking to 5500G.

many thinks.

3Com VCX Enterprise Expert, 3Com Enterprise LAN Expert, HP AIS Network Infrastructure 2011, CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice, CCDA