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How to map leased DHCP6-PD to the routingtable?

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How to map leased DHCP6-PD to the routingtable?

When the builtin dhcp-server in a HP A5820 lease a prefix delegation to a client it doesnt seem to update any routingtable or such in order to point out this prefix with a correct nexthop.

This way even if the client gets assigned a DHCP6-PD this range wont find its way to this particular client.

Am I missing something here or for that matter - how does other vendors do this?

This is the current setup (example):

ipv6 dhcp server enable
ipv6 dhcp prefix-pool 1 prefix 2001:db8:1234:0100::/56 assign-len 56
ipv6 dhcp pool 1
 prefix-pool 1 preferred-lifetime 3600 valid-lifetime 86400
 dns-server 2001:4860:4860::8888
 dns-server 2001:4860:4860::8844
interface Vlan-interface101
 ipv6 nd ra prefix 2001:db8:1234:f101::/64 86400 3600
 undo ipv6 nd ra halt
 ipv6 nd autoconfig other-flag
 ipv6 address 2001:db8:1234:f101::1/64
 ipv6 address fe80::f101:1 link-local
 ipv6 dhcp server apply pool 1 preference 255 rapid-commit

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Re: How to map leased DHCP6-PD to the routingtable?

Looks like there is a bug in HP A5820 (or any Comwarev5 based equipment for that matter) in this subject.

This is how a Cisco device handles this:

DHCPv6-PD Router: Installation of the route towards the CPE for the delegated prefix

Jan 28 02:18:55.620: IPv6RT0: static, Add 2001:DB8:1::/48 to table

Jan 28 02:18:55.620: IPv6RT0: static, Adding next-hop FE80::21A:2FFF:FE87:5602 over FastEthernet6/0 for 2001:DB8:1::/48, [1/0]

Jan 28 02:18:55.620: IPv6RT0: Event: 2001:DB8:1::/48, Add, owner static, previous None

! Note: If the Service Provider edge router made the binding between the CPE and its delegated prefix it will install automatically a static route for this delegated prefix into the routing table. The next-hop addresses used will be Link-Local.

I have filed a bug report towards HP about this, so lets keeps our fingers crossed that they will fix it...