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How to setup interVlan communication?

Occasional Contributor

How to setup interVlan communication?

I have purchased a 3com switch 4500( 3CR17761-91) 5 days ago.  I am worried over how to setup interVlan communication on it.  Could you please help me to solve the technical problem shown as below? Otherwise, i will highly probably get sack. Please help me!


I have build up 3 Vlans and details as following:


Vlan 1 : ---------> connected with a group of desktop computer and a router (1) to internet

Vlan 2 : ---------> connected with a computer (VPN client) and a route (2) to internet

Vlan3  : ----------> connected with a network printer.


Routing table:   Vlan-inter1   ( Router 1) Vlan-inter 1 .............   .............    Vlan-inter 1 Vlan-inter 2     ............  ...............    Vlan-inter 2 Vlan-inter 3 .............   .............    Vlan-inter 3



I would like the network printer share with Vlan 1 and Vlan 2, but between Vlan 1 and Vlan 2 must be isolate. I have use command "ping" a lot of time between Vlans, but failed. 

How can i setup a interVlan communication between them?

is the network infrastructure is wrong ?

is my concept is wrong?