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IRF not working in 100G

Occasional Contributor

IRF not working in 100G


I have 2 HP 5940 switch, I am configuring IRF in 100G port with a 40G Dac cable.

When i connect that 40G cable to 100G port without enabling IRF lights are blinking green,

But when i enabled IRF after connecting same cable to those ports lights are not blinking.

Can you pls suggest me on this.


Thanks and regards


Honored Contributor

Re: IRF not working in 100G

You should use a QSFP28 DAC Cable on a QSFP28 (100G) Interface...are you?

I doubt you can airily use a QSFP+ (40G) Transceiver/DAC Cable on a QSFP28 (100G) Interface...aren't you?

Are you then following the HPE 5940 Switch Series IRF Configuration Guide to correctly implement IRF Fabric with your two 5940s?