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Inter-Vlan Routing

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Inter-Vlan Routing

I have 3COM 4500G 48 port.

What i'm going to do is creating 3 VLAN on single 3COM 4500G and setup vlan routing between those vlan.

So far this is what I already done :

1. Assign IP : for interface VLAN 1

2. Create VLAN 2 & 3, VLAN 1 is default VLAN so no need to create.

3. Port #1 - #24 are assign to VLAN 1 (default) --> Planned for network

4. Port #25 - #36 are assign to VLAN 2 --> Planned for network

5. Port #37 - #48 are assign to VLAN 3 --> Planned for network

6. Add static routing on switch : mask to gateway

7. Add static routing on switch : mask to gateway

8. Assign IP : to interface VLAN 2

9. Assign IP : to interface VLAN 3

10. All port was set to ACCESS port


Now, on testing part....

PC A on VLAN 1 with IP : gateway

PC B on VLAN 2 with IP : gateway

PC C on VLAN 3 with IP : gateway


PC A can ping to but can't reach PC B

PC B can ping to but also can't reach PC A

PC C has the same condition.


I see my routing is correct and the packet also can cross between vlan, but can;t reach designate PC.

Can someone point me a clue for this problem ?


Super Advisor

Re: Inter-Vlan Routing

In multilayer switches the inter-vlan routing is automatic, because are directly connected networks. The inter-vlan routing is enabled when you assign a IP address to a VLAN interface and have a host connected to a port that belongs to this VLAN you created.

So you do not need to add static routes in the switch settings. Since you have hosts using each VLAN, its status in the output of  "display ip interface brief" command will be "UP", and you'll can ping among the hosts.

You just need to add static or default routes when using a next hop as a gateway or internet path.

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Re: Inter-Vlan Routing

Hi Fred,

You are right..

I dont have to set ANY routing on switch since it will automatically created once the port on UP status.

I only need to set static route when using it as gateway (on PC side).


After I set static routing on the main router, i can access PC on both side...