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Irf issue

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Irf issue

Hi there,


I seem to be having an issue with IRF , can some one aid. 1 of the interfaces on each member showing disable, assuming this is incorrect.. Do I need to redo the config?

Here is the output;

<SW-JR-EXTDMZ-STK>dis irf lin
Member 1
IRF Port Interface Status
1 HundredGigE1/2/1 UP
HundredGigE1/2/2 UP
2 disable --
Member 2
IRF Port Interface Status
1 disable --
2 HundredGigE2/2/1 UP
HundredGigE2/2/2 UP
<SW-JR-EXTDMZ-STK>dis irf conf
MemberID NewID IRF-Port1 IRF-Port2
1 1 HundredGigE1/2/1 disable
2 2 disable HundredGigE2/2/1
<SW-JR-EXTDMZ-STK>dis irf top
Topology Info
IRF-Port1 IRF-Port2
MemberID Link neighbor Link neighbor Belong To
2 DIS --- UP 1 00e0-fc0f-8c02
1 UP 2 DIS --- 00e0-fc0f-8c02


Re: Irf issue

Hi @declan2777 !

Each IRF slot (chassis) has two logical irf ports. For example, IRF slot with member is 1 has irf-port 1/1 and irf-port 1/2. IRF slot with member is 2 has irf-port 2/1 and irf-port 2/2. In your configuration you use irf-port 1/1 (physical interfaces HundredGigE1/2/1 and HundredGigE1/2/2) and irf-port 2/2 (physical interfaces HundredGigE2/2/1 and HundredGigE2/2/2) to make the connection between IRF slots. Ports irf-port 1/2 and irf-port 2/1 are not configured and not used, as this is two-slot stack and daisy chain topology is the recommended one. This is the reason why irf-port 1/2 and irf-port 2/1 stay 'Disabled'. However I want to emphasize - both your PHYSICAL links are active and if one of these will fail, another one will keep IRF running. Also, the logical ring topology with two IRF slots sometimes either is not supported or introduces errors, so your configuration is perfectly fine and follows best practices.


I am an HPE employee

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Re: Irf issue

Once again Ivan you have made a lot of sense!! Thanks alot !