Load Blancing

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Load Blancing

I have a 7750 switch attached to a Novell Netware server. I have configed 2 ports with a link aggregation. When I set up the server and bind the two nics with the same ip address the switch responds with an error of duplicate ip address. If I set up the nics with two separate ip address I do not get the message and fault tolerance works but I don't think I have load balancing as I can not config it on the server. Is there some thing I am missing on the switch so I will not get the duplicate ip address?

I see the the link aggregation shows sharing, Is this doing a load balance for me or do I have to rely on the server software?


Re: Load Blancing


you do not need to configure a LA on the switch for assuring the fault tolerance or load balancing on your server. you need just setup nic software utility to creat a team with two nics and configure one ip address and distribute the link trought switch ports.


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