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Local users access if Authentication server is down

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Local users access if Authentication server is down

Hi there,


I am having an issue; my 5945 AAA is on cisco ISE, now I set up a local user etc. My issue is that if ISE is down how does it default to local user etc.

In cisco it does via this;

aaa authentication login default group tacacs+
aaa authorization config-commands default group tacacs+ local
aaa authorization commands default group tacacs+ local
tacacs-server directed-request

""""Note the default group tacacs+ local*** how do I replicate this because at the moment it will always try to get AAA from ISE even if that is down it does not default to local user etc?


All help and info welcomed


Re: Local users access if Authentication server is down

Hi @prodigy811 

You would find the option under the domain configuration like 'authentication login hwtacacs-scheme hwtac local'

For more informaton refer topic: AAA for SSH users by an HWTACACS server in the below URL


Below is an example for HWTACAS configuration.


<Switch> system-view
[Switch] hwtacacs scheme hwtac
# Specify the primary authentication server.
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] primary authentication <ip address>
# Specify the primary authorization server.
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] primary authorization <ip address?
# Specify the primary accounting server.
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] primary accounting <ip address>
# Set the shared keys to expert in plaintext form for secure HWTACACS communication.
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] key authentication simple expert
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] key authorization simple expert
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] key accounting simple expert
# Exclude domain names from the usernames sent to the HWTACACS server.
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] user-name-format without-domain
[Switch-hwtacacs-hwtac] quit

# Create an ISP domain named bbb and configure the domain to use the HWTACACS scheme for
authentication, authorization, and accounting of login users.

[Switch]domain bbb
[Switch-isp-bbb] authentication login hwtacacs-scheme hwtac local
[Switch-isp-bbb] authorization login hwtacacs-scheme hwtac local
[Switch-isp-bbb] accounting login hwtacacs-scheme hwtac local
[Switch-isp-bbb] quit
# Create local RSA and DSA key pairs.
[Switch] public-key local create rsa
[Switch] public-key local create dsa
# Enable the Stelnet service.
[Switch] ssh server enable
# Enable scheme authentication for user lines VTY 0 through VTY 63.
[Switch] line vty 0 63
[Switch-line-vty0-63] authentication-mode scheme
[Switch-line-vty0-63] quit

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Re: Local users access if Authentication server is down

Many thanks for your info and solutions great stuff