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MSR Router 4G interface

Honored Contributor

MSR Router 4G interface

I ordered a bunch of MSR routers with 4G interfaces.

I've put a SIM in one and I now want to develop my standard config for these things.

The LAN interface, VLAN, VRRP config all looks reasonably straightforward so far, but I have a complete blockage on the 4G config.
I've never configured any kind of 4G interface before so I know nothing about it - luckily I know I can rely on HP's doco which is usually very good.

So I have a document called "HPE Flexnetwork MSR Router Series". 

I go to Chapter7: Interface Configuration Guides.

Chapter10: Layer2-WAN Access guide
Has a bit in it which is about "Managing a 3G/4G Modem".
(Modems are something from 20 years ago, but maybe this is what they call the 4G module?.)
"Configuring a cellular interface for a 4G modem"
"Enter cellular interface view: controller cellular cellular-number
So I enter controller cellular ?
and it tells me <0-1> Cellular interface number
so I put in 0, or 1, and it tells me % Wrong parameter

So I'm completely confused - anybody here ever configured a 4G interface on an MSR router and can tell me what I'm doing wrong?



Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: MSR Router 4G interface

instead of
- controller cellular ?
- controller cellular?
(mind no space)
according to: HP MSR Router Series interface configuration Guide
the command is either
- interface cellular
- or -
- interface cellular-ethernet
depending on
- card-mode slot slot-num { ppp | ethernet }