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PC, VOIP and HP switch configuration

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PC, VOIP and HP switch configuration

I have a windows 2012 server. DHCP services already on it. On my network pc's connected to the samsung voip phones and the voip phones connected to the switch ports. I have a 2 floor on my office.

first floor I have a 4 sitches JG934A and  J977A. this switches port number 1 is connected to the server room main switch ports 2,3,4 and 5. Main server room switch is HP V1910-24G JE006A. 

second floor has a 3 pcs J9775A and the ports 1 is connected to teh server room switc port 6,7 and 8.

DHCP server has a DATAVLAn1 ( /24) and Voice1 ( for the first floor.

DHCP seever has a DATAVLAN2 ( and Voice2 ( for the second floor.

All ports connected to the phones without the first number of the port on the floor 1 nd 2 switches. The the pcs connected to the phones backend network ports. 

Can you help to me the configuration of this devices.