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QoS - Config

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QoS - Config

Hi all,

I'm trying to build a QoS policy with the ultimate aim of ensuring VoIP traffic but also making sure that there are a few other priorities in traffic. QoS can be quite hard to confirm as working and my experience here is a little lacking. So i'm hoping someone with some more experience can review my config and confirm if it looks correct for what i'm trying to achieve or tell me where i'm going wrong please : ) 

So to give some context; the policy is specifically for egress traffic from a customer site. They have approximately 12Mbps of Upload speeds available. They run a service from a server that requires a lot of file uploading which they want 2nd priority on with 1st priority being VoIP traffic (approc 3.5Mbps required concurrently based on; no. handsets and codec). Then other 'default' traffic coming in 3rd and of course for me some management and routing traffic being assured.

So my understanding of what I want to do is split this up:

> Assured Data: 6Mbps
> Assured VoIP: 4Mbps
> Default Data: 1Mbps
> Assured Routing: 512Kbps
> Assured Mgmt: 512Kbps

= 12Mbps

However, I don't want any of these classes of traffic restricted at just these speeds if there is more available. I want all of them to be able to use the maximum available bandwidth and only have the QoS kicking in to guarantee the values I have set to ensure optimum performance if all 12Mbps is being eaten. So i've added committed burst on each policy taking it to 12Mbps which I am unsure if this is the correct approach.

Here is the config:

1. I've set a GTS on the WAN interface to shape Outbound to 12Mbps

2. I've created ACL's for matching my 'interesting traffic':

acl advanced name DATA-ASSURED-1-CLASSIFY
description Match High Priority Data Traffic
rule 10 permit icmp dscp af11
rule 10 comment For Ping Testing
rule 20 <IP's or ports of traffic i want to mark as af11>
acl advanced name MANAGEMENT-CLASSIFY
rule 10 permit tcp source <management IP> destination-port eq 161
rule 11 permit udp source <management IP> destination-port eq snmp
acl advanced name REAL-TIME-CLASSIFY
rule 10 permit icmp
rule 10 comment For Testing
rule 20 permit ip source <IP of PBX>
acl advanced name ROUTING-CLASSIFY
rule 10 permit tcp destination-port eq bgp
rule 20 permit tcp source-port eq bgp


3. I've created Classifiers:

traffic classifier DATA-ASSURED-1 operator and
if-match acl name DATA-ASSURED-1-CLASSIFY
if-match dscp af11
if-match dscp af13
traffic classifier MANAGEMENT operator or
if-match dscp cs5
if-match acl name MANAGEMENT-CLASSIFY
traffic classifier REAL-TIME operator or
if-match acl name REAL-TIME-CLASSIFY
if-match dscp ef
traffic classifier ROUTING operator or
if-match dscp cs6
if-match acl name ROUTING-CLASSIFY

4. I created behaviors:

traffic behavior DATA-ASSURED-1
car cir 6000 cbs 750000 ebs 0 green remark-dscp-pass af11 red remark-dscp-pass af13 yellow remark-dscp-pass af13
wred dscp
wred dscp af13 low-limit 1 high-limit 3 discard-probability 20
traffic behavior MANAGEMENT
remark dscp cs5
queue af bandwidth 512
queue-length 160
traffic behavior REAL-TIME
car cir 4096 cbs 256000 ebs 0 green remark-dscp-pass ef red discard yellow discard
queue af bandwidth 4096
traffic behavior ROUTING
remark dscp cs6
queue af bandwidth 512
queue-length 160
traffic behavior default
remark dscp default
car cir 1000 cbs 11000000 pir 12000  green pass red discard yellow discard
queue wfq queue-number 256
wred dscp

5. Created QoS Policy:

qos policy CE-WAN-OUT
classifier default-class behavior default
classifier ROUTING behavior ROUTING
classifier MANAGEMENT behavior MANAGEMENT
classifier REAL-TIME behavior REAL-TIME
classifier DATA-ASSURED-1 behavior DATA-ASSURED-1


And finally added this policy to my WAN interface in an outbound direction.


Re: QoS - Config


Is this configuration already applied to the interface? what is the current status? Could you please mention the product details along with current software version.

I am a HPE Employee

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