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Questions to changing existing Settings on Switch

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Questions to changing existing Settings on Switch

Hi Everyone,

good day, i am pretty new at this and have come to an already working network, currently running are 3 switches, two J92085A and one J9280A switches, the switches were never really configured, no passwords, no vlans just 2 of them were given names, but that was it, i would habe probabaly not realized this but we had extreme network problemes this week so i checked the logs and also set up some portmonitoring. Now my question is, what options should i check before making changes for example to name, passwords, time settings. Or should these changes not cause any problems, as far as i reckon i make the changes and the reboot when everyone is out of the office and the switches will resume work as usual?

Lots of thanks in advance for your help, best wishes from here and a great evening to you all,