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Switch Not Clustering

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Switch Not Clustering

I have 13 4500G Switches and 1 Core 4800G Switch.

I am trying to configure the switches in a cluster. The 4800G is the commander. I am able to get 12 of the 4500's to be members, but one will not be collected in the topology.

The switches are in different rooms/floors. In rooms where there is more than one, they are connected by the 10G module in the back. In all rooms, there are 3 4500's.

Where the 4800 is, there are 3 4500's beneath it. This is the room with the problem - 2 of the 4500's are detected, the third (bottom) one is nowhere.


It appears that it will only collect topology for up to 3 hops. So the 4th switch and beyond will not be added to the cluster.

Is there a way around this?

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