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Re: Switch firmware

New Member

Switch firmware

Can anyone tell me if I have a client w/ a 4005 switch (running v2 of the firmware) who just bought a "spare" 4005 in case of component failure (running v1.1) - can I download v2 of the firmware so that the spare matches the version in production? In other words, does their owning one switch running v2 get them access to v2 for their spare switch as well?

I understand I should be able to plug in the spare cards into slot M2 and have them upgrage from M1 automatically, but I'd rather do it offline than messing w/ the production switch.

Thanks for your time in answering...

Super Advisor

Re: Switch firmware

Try to use a TFTP server and download the v.2 firmware from the switch that is running, then upload the firmware to the spare device.


Fred Mancen
New Member

Re: Switch firmware

I've pulled the config from the management card in the live switch. What I

don't know is how to update the software version on a second card I now

have. I'm under the impression that the backup to TFTP is the config, not

the firmware on the controller - am I wrong about that? Is it all in the

backup? If not, how would I get a copy of the firmware on the TFTP

server? I've not seen anything that looks like that in the web or console

(but maybe I missed it). Sorry for being a noob on these 3com's.