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Switch routing

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Switch routing



I have a question about routing at the switch. I would like my the clients to be routed at teh switch and only directed to the router in order to resolve external hosts/services. 


I have 5 VLANs (10, 20, 30, 10, and 100) and each have a different subnet (192.168.10, 192.168.20, 192.168.30, 192.168.50, 192.168.100).


So in order to be able to route traffic from 192.168.10 to 192.168.50 will i need to configure VLAN 10 with 2 ip interfaces, 192.168.10.xx and 192.168.50.xx and enable routing? 



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Re: Switch routing

I assume the 4th VLAN was a typo, and you actually have 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100, corresponding to their respective subnet numbers.


To enable routing between these, you need to enable routing on your switch, add an IP address to each VLAN interface, and make that IP the default gateway of your clients.  If you want your clients to talk to outside systems, you will also need to set a default route on the switch.


Note that it's only 1 IP per VLAN interface, not two IPs on the same VLAN interface as you mentioned in your original post.


Good luck!