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The number of routing table and mac address on HP10500

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The number of routing table and mac address on HP10500



If I install two line cards (It's SG and SE card), How many number of routing table and mac address that it supported on HP10500? Is it counted from lowest capacity card which installed on switch? 

Some document shows "SE cards suppoerd 32K for MAC table and 16K for routing entires". What's about SG card?





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Re: The number of routing table and mac address on HP10500

Have a look at HPE FlexNetwork 10500 Switch Series Fundamentals Configuration Guide (Part Number 5998-7111R, Document Version 6W100-20160129) published in early months of 2016 and valid for Software Version 10500-CMW710-R7178 (see it here): at page 222 of that specific edition[*] there is the "Specifying an operating mode for service module" paragraph which belongs to the "Managing the device" chapter; there are two interesting tables you would consider:

  • Service Module operating modes
  • MAC Address Table and Routing Table sizes on Service Modules in different operating modes

Clearly QuickSpecs, AFAIK, reports 512k entries for both IPv4 Routing Table size and MAC Address Table size...it appears that those values represent the (cumulative?) upper limits.

[*] If you find a more recent one, the reported page number could differ.