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UDP Helper problem

verzah manne
Occasional Advisor

UDP Helper problem

Hi everyone


i am having a problem with udp-helper 


currently i am  working on switch  H3C S7503E and Release Version: H3C S7503E-6708P10


below are my config for udp-helper which is my PC will bootp from network  ( Server)


dhcp relay server-group 0 ip X.X.X.X ( this is DHCP Relay Server/DNS)
dhcp relay server-group 0 ip 10.8.X.X ( this is relay server for bootp images )


udp-helper enable
udp-helper port 100
udp-helper port 55
udp-helper port dns
udp-helper port netbios-ds
udp-helper port netbios-ns
udp-helper port tacacs
udp-helper port tftp
udp-helper port time


i#nterface Vlan-interface6
ip address X.X.X.X
dhcp select relay
dhcp relay server-select 0
udp-helper server 10.8.X.X


ip forward-broadcast



vlan 6 will boot images via udp helper server. but i received "no bootfile name received" on my PC.


However , I already running udp-helper config on 3COM SW8807 with no issue. Successfully boot images


Please help me


Trusted Contributor

Re: UDP Helper problem

Hi Verzah


I never used udp-helper for a setup like this. It allways worked with the dhcp relay only.


Check if the DHCP Option is sent correctly to you boot device. Should be DHCP Option 66 and 67

See example:




H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland