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Upgrade SS4 5500G-EI SFP 24?

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Upgrade SS4 5500G-EI SFP 24?

Hey all,


I have been upgrading our switches lately and have come to our core switch which is a SS4 5500G-EI SFP 24 Port I read through the instructions included within the formware documentation and it all seems to be do-able yet the documentation says "Upgrade software only when necessary and under the guidance of a technical support engineer."  this has thrown me a bit because although the switch is functioning perfectly my boss want everything upgraded.

So my question is should I upgrade our switch or leave it as is mainly wondering if I will do any harm upgrading or if theres anything I should watch out for if I leave it as is.

Current firmware version is V3.02.00s56 the upgrade would be to 3.03.02p05s56


Thanks for your help


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Re: Upgrade SS4 5500G-EI SFP 24?


You have quite old firmware so I will be best to upgrade it. Before that you can read change log between those fw versions and see if it is necessary for you to do so.

In my experience I didn't have any troubles with upgrades neither for 5500 nor 5500G. It's save.

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Re: Upgrade SS4 5500G-EI SFP 24?

Additionally you can specify the new firmware to boot as the main file, and maintain the firware you are using as the backup file. If the new file fails on boot the backup will boot up the switch normally.