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VLAN configuration on MSA and HPE flex 5700

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VLAN configuration on MSA and HPE flex 5700


i have recently purchased the MSA 2050 and 2x HPE 5700 Switches, and just trying to put the storage solution together ..

but having a problem connecting to the Storage across a VLAN i have created on the Switches,

i have configured IRF on the swicthes using the first 2 10GBe ports on each switch ( the gotcha was it takes them in groups of 4)

i configured 4 of the GBIC ports on each swicth in VLAN 10 , then another 4 10GB ethernet ports , , ive given the storage the same ip range and set the ports ot iscsi , given the 10GB ethernet adaptor on the server same ip address, but i can;t connect ot the storage at all , can't ping the ip's ...

if i give the vlan an address i can ping the vlan ip from the server , not sure if there is a way to ping from the webconsole of the MSA to test outwards ..

this is the first time i've used the HPE swicthes so setting up nusing CLI i might have missed something , i can uplosd the config if that helps 




Re: VLAN configuration on MSA and HPE flex 5700

Hi Paddi,

I understand the following:

 - You have connected MSA and server to 5700 IRF and the corresponding access ports are in VLAN 10. - If you use 5700 as L2 switch after configuring the MSA and the server with IPs from the same subnet there is no ping between them.

 - If you configure an IP in VLAN 10 on 5700 then you can ping the switch from the server but you cannot ping the MSA from the server.

Can you ping the MSA from 5700?

Have you configured VLAN 10 on MSA and please verify the VLAN config on switch ports to the MSA.

As soon as there is any connectivity from the server to the switch and as soon as the VLAN assignment on the ports is correct I believe there is not any issue on the switch side.

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Re: VLAN configuration on MSA and HPE flex 5700

MSA iSCSI data ports do not support tagged vlans.  Attachment to a switch requires switch ports configured as access ports.  You should consider enabling send and receive flow control on the switch ports.

IP address scheme for the controller pair:

If you are using jumbo frames, make sure to enable jumbo frames on all network components in the data path.
The MSA 2050 SAN controller in iSCSI configurations should have ports on each controller in the same subnets to enable preferred path failover.  The recommended means of doing this is to vertically combine ports into subnets.

For example, with a subnet mask of, the MSA 2050 SAN would be configured as follows:
• Controller A Port 1:
• Controller A Port 2:
• Controller A Port 3:
• Controller A Port 4:
• Controller B Port 1:
• Controller B Port 2:
• Controller B Port 3:
• Controller B Port 4:

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Re: VLAN configuration on MSA and HPE flex 5700

Hi bamaskas,

Thanks for jumping in.

The original request was that there is not a connectivity from storage to severs and I have replied that from the switch side needs to verified the VLANs etc and to test the connectivity from the switch to the server and from the switch to the storage.  I agree that flow control and jumbo frames can be configuired as well but as I said there is not any issue with the 5700 switch side.



I am an HPE Employee

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