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adding to a switch stack

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adding to a switch stack



We have two sites , each has a stack of four A5120 switches. Configs on them are similar but not the same.


One of our sites has more requirements than the other so ideally I'd like to move one so i have a stack of five at one site and a stack of three at the other but i'm just trying to work out how big a task this is before i look into the fine details. I'm guessing that removing a member would be fairly straight-forward, what would i then need to do to it before adding to the other stack? Factory reset maybe or restore a backup of the config of the stack its going into?


Also the firmware versions are very slightly different (as below), would this be an issue?


switch to be moved (version 5.20.99, Release 2215)

stack its going into (version 5.20.99, Release 2220P11)


Any help is much appreciated.