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check bandwith on a comware switch

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check bandwith on a comware switch


Is there a display command that i can use on a comware switch to see how much bandwitch is used on a specific port?




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Re: check bandwith on a comware switch

Something like:

display counters rate {inbound|outbound} interface [interface-type [interface-number]]

to display inbound or outbound traffic rate statistics of interface(s), those in Up state, over the, adaptable via flow-interval command, last sampling interval (default should be 300 seconds IIRC).

It shows the amount of - Total, Broadcast and Multicast - number of inbound/outbout packets per second, pps) collected during the last sampling interval.

There is also:

display counters {inbound|outbound} interface [interface-type [interface-number]]

for traffic statistics only (amount of - Total, Broadcast, Multicast and Error - number of inbound/outbout Packets).

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Re: check bandwith on a comware switch

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and I would like to be able to count the incoming and outgoing traffic on certain ports or even on a whole VLAN in MByte or GByte. Are there any solutions to do this and bill the traffic to customers?

It would be perfect if we could exclude the traffic that stays within our environment.

I would be pleased about possible solutions and suggestions.

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Re: check bandwith on a comware switch

look into configuring sflow on your switches. You would need then a piece of monitoring software that supports it and can translate it for you into stats, reports and visual representation. That could be anything from HPE IMC to Solarwinds