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delete files from flash

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delete files from flash


How can i delete old files from flash mentioned in [filename]. for example here is the output of my core switch

<CORE-SW>dir /all chassis1#slot5#flash:/
Directory of chassis1#slot5#flash:/

5 -rw- 16460 Jun 22 2016 16:25:22 config.cfg
6 -rw- 7328 Mar 02 2016 18:49:25 config.cwmp
7 -rw- 7411 Mar 02 2016 18:49:34 system.xml
8 drw- - Mar 02 2016 18:52:46 logfile
9 -rw- 36255744 Jun 22 2016 13:52:54 10500-cmw520-r1210p01.bin
10 -rwh 591 Jun 22 2016 11:32:46 serverkey_v3
11 -rw- 32920892 Mar 02 2016 18:35:42 [a10500-cmw520-r1126p02.bin] --- How can i delete this file ?


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Re: delete files from flash

Supposing you're on the Active the command:

delete /unreserved flash:/a10500-cmw520-r1126p02.bin

unable to permanently delete (without involving the system's recycle-bin) the a10500-cmw520-r1126p02.bin file?

Note (from Documentation):

The delete /unreserved file-url command deletes a file permanently and the action cannot be undone.

The delete file-url command moves a file to the recycle bin and the file still occupies storage space. To
permanently delete the file from the recycle bin execute the reset recycle-bin command in the original
directory of the file.

The HPE FlexNetwork 10500 Switch Series provides very good documentation (e.g. Release Notes) about managing its system's files.