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doubts about configuration and Voice Vlan

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doubts about configuration and Voice Vlan

hi everyone. Based on the next scheme:

I wanna create a VLAN for Voice on Baseline 2948, and I wanna configure QoS on it but is my first 3Com switch configuration and I dont have much relations with the webUI.

My questions are:

- If my PBX is in a different network segment ( /24) and my ip phones are in other ( /24) Do I create a separate VLAN Voice, one for each segment? I mean can I create a two voice VLAN on one switch?

- What is the recommended parameters to my ip phones, I mean, priority, Cos to que, bandwidth?


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Re: doubts about configuration and Voice Vlan

By design the 3Com switches have the OUI for the 3Com phones in them. And by default, they know to prioritize the voice traffic through them.

Now with this said, you are using 2 different subnets, and Avaya PoE switches beyond the 3Com switches. My hope is that you can add the same 3Com phone OUI's to the Avaya's and prioritize that way....thus making the Voice Vlan not as needed.

Though I would bounce this off of the Switch/Data Forums here.

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Re: doubts about configuration and Voice Vlan

Moved this discussion to the Stackable Switch forum so that the right people might be able to help.

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