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I have a few ports at different customers that has a lot of ifInDiscards.

I have read kb 698079 which states a few reasons for a Layer 3 interface to increment ifindiscards. My problem is that it is an layer 2 interface so does anyone have any reasons why a layer 2 interface increments ifindiscards.

It increments about 100 in 5 seconds continously.

Another thing I find strange is that the last reason on the kb article states "In some rare case, when the receiving port runs out of receive buffers, or due to back pressure. The packet will be discarded by the chip, and ifInDiscards increases."

This is a serious error that one would like to know about, but since ifindiscards is also incremented for a lot of reasons that indicate no problem this problem will never be noticed.

Any thoughts on this matter?

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Re: ifInDiscards

Replying to an old post, may not be smart but...


I am curious about this same problem, with either ifInDiscards and/or ifOutDiscards. I remember reading somewhere that this is normal and does not impact the network, but if the chip is running out of buffers that means packets are being lost, and not "bad" ones, but good packets.


I will continue to search for the true meaning of this value...