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Re: more questions about the 4800G

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more questions about the 4800G

I still have some questions about the 4800G. Perhaps some of have some answers.

- What kind of cpu is used? PowerPC, but wich model? How much MHz?

- How much RAM and ROM does it have

- boot time - How long does it take till the the 4800G is up and running. (The HPs seem to take ages...)

- I need multiple 802.1x users on 1 port. According to the spec there´s support for 1000 on 1 port?

- Buying some 4800G plus XRN modules and cables seem to be cheaper thant buying a 7900E. What are your experiences with XRN. Is it really doing what it is supposed to do?

- The 4800G really doesn´t have "stp loop-protection"?

- loudness of 4800G. How loud is it? I hope not as loud as the 2924 SFP Plus?

- Would you buy it again? Or something else?

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Re: more questions about the 4800G


You might want to read the docs available at

For boot time, I'd say it takes a minute or two, but it will probably depend on what's in your config file. It starts off loud then gets quieter after booting. It doesn't use XRN but instead IRF or Cluster - read the docs for more info.