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Re: problem updating a 7500 switch

Nazzareno Taborgna
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problem updating a 7500 switch


             I am trying to update my 7500, but it seems that there is not enought space left on the flash:

Directory of flash:/

0 -rw- 33340966 May 13 2014 13:59:31
1 drw- - May 13 2014 14:26:34 seclog
2 -rw- 5565 Apr 07 2015 22:10:31 config.cfg
3 -rw- 4160 Apr 07 2015 22:10:23 system.xml

64389 KB total (31811 KB free)



<switch-core1>tftp get a7500/
File will be transferred in binary mode
Downloading file from remote TFTP server, please wait.........

Failed to write data into storage device, maybe no enough space on device



it seems that I should delete the current software file, but if something goes wrong how can I boot my 7500? I would like to follow a safe procedure.


My 7500 fabric card has a compact flash slot, but now I haven't a suitable card for it.

Supposing that I can install one, could I to use a file on the compact flash instead of the flash: in order to boot the 7500? in this case, how can I set the file on the compact flash as primary boot file?


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Re: problem updating a 7500 switch

Hi Nazzareno,


Its a known "problem". There is only room for one image on the standard 7500 flash.


You need to delete the old image!


> delete /unreserved

This takes a long time (and DO remember the /unreserved switch, otherwise no room is freed on the disk).

Get the new image (as you write)

> tftp get a7500/

and install it

> boot-loader file flash:/ slot 5 main


of course if you loose power after deleting and before finishing upload - its a mess.


You can put in a CF-card I have that in a few of my units.


>dir /all-filesystems
Directory of flash:/

0 drw- - Jan 01 2007 02:00:26 seclog
1 -rw- 33364255 Oct 02 2014 13:35:22
2 -rw- 146360 Mar 30 2015 12:56:10 config.cfg
3 -rw- 29851 Mar 30 2015 12:55:54 system.xml
4 -rw- 129083 Oct 23 2014 11:21:07 hp-ags-current.bat

64389 KB total (31473 KB free)

Directory of cfa0:/

0 drw- - Sep 18 2014 18:25:20 logfile
1 -rw- 33364255 Sep 23 2014 21:48:40
2 -rw- 33339502 Oct 02 2014 12:50:12

505984 KB total (440832 KB free)

File system type of cfa0: FAT32

If you have a CF-card, plug it in, and upload the image to that. That way you're safe.

You can reach the image from the boot-loader menu if somthing fails. (console access needed)

I've done all my upgrades using the "risky" delete-and-upload method.


So to boot from the cfa: as a backup if the primary image is gone or fails - do (case taken from the above unit of mine):


> boot-loader file cfa0:/ slot 5 backup

This command will set the boot file of the specified board. Continue? [Y/N]:Y
The specified file will be used as the backup boot file at the next reboot on slot 5!

> display boot-loader
The primary app to boot of board 5 at this time is: flash:/
The primary app to boot of board 5 at next time is: flash:/
The slave app to boot of board 5 at next time is: cfa0:/


So as you can see the it tries the image at cfa0: as a "slave app" (dunno why they call it that?).



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