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"bgp redistribute internal" in comware

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"bgp redistribute internal" in comware

Hi forum


Im looking for a command in comware 7 what will enable BGP to exchange internal routes between iBGP peers.

Basically the same as "bgp redistribute internal" does in a CISCO


Thanks in advance

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Re: "bgp redistribute internal" in comware

I could be wrong (and I'm totally not an expert about BGP on any Switch)...but it seems that only CISCO redistribute connected has a counterpart on Comware 5/7 (and ArubaOS-Switch) with, respectively, the Comware 5/7 command import-route direct and the ArubaOS-Switch command redistribute connected...both related to the bgp context.

No reference exists about a possible counterpart command for CISCO bgp redistribute-internal (used to Allow redistribution of iBGP into IGPs (dangerous) on CISCO).