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routing issue

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routing issue

hi,i'm new here,also new user of 3com switch

here is what question is facing

i got a 5500G SW.

i had 3VLAN

  • VLAN1

  • VLAN2

  • VLAN3

    VLAN1 IP

    PC IP

    VLAN2 IP

    PC IP

    VLAN3 IP

    PC IP

    i also had done some routing table which is

    at the 5500G i can ping all the VLAN IP also PC are in diffrent VLAN. but when i try to use PC ping the other PC are in the different VLAN it not reply.

    any expertise can advice me ? :)


    Re: routing issue

    hello cheehoong,

    are the pcs connecting directly to the 5500G, and if so, what default gateway did you specify on the PCs.

    Not too sure about the routes you added... is 192.168.x.0 your router ip interface addresses?

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    Re: routing issue

    The PC in VID must have a subnet and gateway( AND BE CONNECTED TP A PORT which reflect the setting of VLAN 1

    For other VID you must check accordingly to the above guideline.

    No need for the static routes as networks are directly connected to the switch and VID interfaces will be able to route to them.

    The generic command to enter a static route is:

    ip route-static network subnet next_hope preference

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    Re: routing issue

    thanks guy

    the problem has been solve