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ssh access - comware 5 vs 7

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ssh access - comware 5 vs 7


we have bought first switch/router with Comware 7 (HP 5900AF) and ssh settings from Comware 7 (HP 5500HI) is not working.


Steps in comware 5 (IP setting is good, telnet is working):

sysname switch

public-key local create rsa

ssh server enable
sftp server enable


user-interface vty 0 15
authentication-mode scheme
user privilege level 3


public-key peer brizek

  public-key-code begin


  public-key-code end
peer-public-key end


 ssh user brizek service-type all authentication-type any assign publickey brizek work-directory flash:/


 This is working and I can ssh to the switch.



Same setting I did on Comware 7 with only change user-role network-admin instead of user privilege level 3.  And this did not work. I tryed almost everything and found that it is working only if "local-user brizek class manage" is created. Have I  to create this local user or is there any option in Comware 7 to behaive like on Comware 5 - only "ssh user" is enough.




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Re: ssh access - comware 5 vs 7

Hie Brizek,

did manage to solve it??? I'm having the same issue here.