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vty access level 3 on HP A3600v2

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vty access level 3 on HP A3600v2

Hi all
I have a network that is based on HP A serires switches. I have installed 4 new ones A3600v2 and I have a problem with SSH access privilage level. On A3600v1 and A5500 models i used to use this configuration: 

user-interface vty 0 15
 authentication-mode scheme
 user privilege level 3
 protocol inbound ssh

The above config gived me full access to the switch CLI. On the v2 series it doesn't. I have to use super command to get full CLI access. Can someone tell how to get it work on v2 switches ?

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Re: vty access level 3 on HP A3600v2

How does the rest of the config look like?


In order to use "super" you need to have a super password set, similar to:


super password level 3 cipher <REMOVED>


Note however if you dont have a super password set and you dont have a user with level 3 permissions you wont be able to alter the configuration afterwards.


You can verify which permission a local user might have by looking at the configuration, this is a level 1 user named "admin":


local-user admin

 password cipher <REMOVED>

 authorization-attribute level 1

 service-type ssh terminal


Changing the above into level 3 should mean that you wont have to issue the super password.


In your case I think it defaults to the local user database since you have setup:


authentication-mode scheme


instead of:


authentication-mode password


That is something like this should give you super privileges without the need of issue a manual "super" (and without looking in the internal user database):


user-interface aux 0
 authentication-mode password
 user privilege level 3
 set authentication password cipher <REMOVED>