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We are running HPUX 11.00 and Oracle 8.1.7.
I get the error on the console:

"Warning: Entry/Exit code is optimized. Cannot restore context (UNWIND 22)"

Thank you
Steve Steel
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Re: Error


This has been seen befor ein the forums


You seem able to ignore it

Steve Steel
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Kent Ostby
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Re: Error

Mikel --

This WARNING (not error) can occur whenever any application is compiled with the +Oentrysched . Enabling this option can speed up an application. The option has undefined behavior for applications which
handle asynchronous interrupts. The option affects unwinding in the entry and
exit regions.

There have been off and on reports of this coming out on Oracle and HP-UX for several releases and there was even a mention of it on the forums a while back.

From what I've read, you can simply ignore this.

Best regards,

Kent M. Ostby
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Jean-Luc Oudart
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Re: Error


this is described on Metalink doc id 155375.1

fiat lux
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Re: Error


Apart from the Oracle Database, do you have any other applications running on the same server?

We had similar errors when we had both our ORacle Database and Application servers running on the same server.

please revert.

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