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Victor Geere
Frequent Advisor


I am new to HP-Eloquence.
The installation was easy with not much to configure but when I try to start the server "eloq start" I get

eloqcore: Unable to load initial program

Can anyone help?
I thought that I was because I had thought.

Re: HP-Eloquence

"eloq" starts a client session

"eloq start" starts a client session and attempts to load the program "start.PROG" from the default program directory. That is probably not what you want. The message you got indicates that there is no "start.PROG" file available to load.

Execute only "eloq" and your client session will begin. Then you may execute Eloquence commands in the new environment.

You could even write a program and store it and you could name it "start". After writing a few lines of BASIC code, type on a line without a line number the following:

STORE "start"

Press the Enter key and you will have saved "start.PROG". (The .PROG is automatic.)

Then you may start a new client session with the shell command: "eloq start" and you'll be running that program.

Welcome to Eloquence!