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Help on oracle installation location...

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Roberto Martinez_2
Frequent Advisor

Help on oracle installation location...

Hi, we have 2 rp3440 servers which we want to use with oracle 9i and Service Guard (no 9i,RAC, but traditional SG failover). We don't want an active-passive cluster, so we want to have an installation in each server, each of then running several instances.
That means we must install the 2 servers in a way such that a single server can carry the two installations, and all the instances.

The layout I'm thinking about is this:

Install oracle in server A at,say, /oraroot/homeA, and in server B at /oraroot/homeB, and define ony 1 oracle user.

Everything under /oraroot/homeA would be in a SG package (A), and everything under /oraroot/homeB would be in another one (B). Package A would normally run in one server and B in the other.

But we have then the problem of the listener, as in some moment both listener should be able to run in the same server, I must define different listen ports for each installation. That's not a big problem.

Data would be in other directories (say /oradata/, , , and so on, and would be moved along with the package by the cluster manager.

This layout has nothing to be with OFA, but I don't think this should be a problem.

What do you think about this layout? Have you a hardware configuration and needs like ours? Could you suggest me a better layout or way to configure the installation?

Thank you very much in advance.
Roberto Martinez_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: Help on oracle installation location...

Another question: is there any oracle installation file which rests outside the installation (apart from /etc/oratab)?
Honored Contributor

Re: Help on oracle installation location...

There is a little bit of stuff in /var/opt/oracle too... it's pretty static though... even more than your oracle home. It is a set of file that tell the (Oracle) installer where your ORACLE_HOME's are.
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