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Hi Every One ! Post oracle installation Problem

Occasional Visitor

Hi Every One ! Post oracle installation Problem

Hi Every One,

I am installed Oracle in my HP-UX10.20. After installing when i try to svrmgrl.

I am getting following msg.. Pls help me out what would be the possible cause. Do i need to install any kind of patches for this. I am not aware of oracle dba.. Pls help me out in this regard.


The msg is. message 4505 not found; No Message file for product:SVRMGR; facility: MGR

Error while trying to retrive text for error.ORA-03113
Pls help me
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: Hi Every One ! Post oracle installation Problem

Yes, there are recommended patches for HP-UX by Oracle depending on your version, you should check with Oracle as to which patches you need. Try

For your current problem check the following document on how to check your Oracle installation is setup correctly;
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Vincente Fernandes
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Re: Hi Every One ! Post oracle installation Problem

Oracle also has an utility like "Finderr or Findmsg" and wherein you have to give the message/error no with the appropriate module and it will give more details about the error and also in some cases the solution for the problem/error. The syntax is similar to "finderr ORA-????"
Wim Blom
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Re: Hi Every One ! Post oracle installation Problem

hi Anand,

The error your getting has to do with your path settings. $ORACLE_HOME/bin has to be in your path.

This is done during the installation of oracle. So a few tips/questions/points of notice:

- are you the user that installed oracle(usally user oracle)
- did you run after installation as root.
- is ORACLE_HOME set to the installed directory(ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle_732 {for example})
- is $ORACLE_HOME/bin added to your PATH

Hope this helps you along.

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