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Hostname lenght

Jean Lefrancois_1
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Hostname lenght

What is the max lenght for the hostname on HP-UX. I remember in version 8 it was a maximun of 8 char.
Alan Riggs
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Re: Hostname lenght

It remains 8. Backwards compatability with older utilities mandates this cap.
James R. Ferguson
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Re: Hostname lenght


Hostname and unname should be the same and therefore cannot exceed 8-characters. The length of the uname structure is defined in /usr/include/sys/utsname.h in "_SYS_NMLN" (see man 2 uname). Since this is a 9-character, null-terminated string, the maximum, safe, hostname size is eight (8).

Dan Hetzel
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Re: Hostname lenght

Hi Jean,

Even if the file sys/params.h define the maximum as being 64, quite a lot of stuff has been written assuming that hostname has a maximum length of 8 characters, so you shouldn't exceed 8.

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Shannon Petry
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Re: Hostname lenght

Hostnames can be longer, but not recommended for compatibility with mostly MS products. ( The same reason Host1 and HOST1 are different in Unix, but both are HOST1 to windblows...Go Figure)

I have some hosts with 12 characters, and never had a problem. This is a pure Unix environment though.

If you want to stick with the 8 character, just remember you can CNAME and alias to anything you want. This is where the 64C limit would be imposed.
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