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Identify SAP ofr Oracle Patch

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Occasional Contributor

Identify SAP ofr Oracle Patch

Hello There ,   How to identify patches which are related to oracle or sap patches?   If you know the answer ..can u plz reply ?

Honored Contributor

Re: Identify SAP ofr Oracle Patch

Can you explain a bit more?  Where are you looking for patches related to SAP or Oracle?  Do you want to  know what patches on your system are SAP or Oracle patches?  Or are you looking for patches to fix a potential problem?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Identify SAP ofr Oracle Patch

I am looking for where is the location of SAP or Oracle patches has installed in my System .

Honored Contributor

Re: Identify SAP ofr Oracle Patch

In general, a patch is a piece of program code or other data that replaces a previous piece of faulty code or data. So the actual patches can be anywhere on your system. But you probably want to know "where to find information on installed Oracle or SAP patches".


In HP-UX, the Software Distributor (= swinstall/swlist/swremove/swpackage and other commands) is used to manage the OS and its patches, and essentially all HP-UX software that is provided by HP. This includes HP-UX OS patches, so the "swlist" command can tell you what patches are installed and which files have been replaced by each patch.


Software Distributor can also be used to manage software of other vendors, but some vendors choose not to use it: HP has no way to force other vendors to use Software Distributor.


For example, Oracle uses its own "Universal Installer" instead. Because of this, the "swlist" command will not know about Oracle products on your system: for it, your Oracle installation is no different from a random collection of binary data files you have stored to your system.


As a result, you will need to use Oracle tools to get a list of installed Oracle patches. I am not a DBA, but I guess you could start the Oracle Universal Installer and use it to view the list of installed Oracle products and patches. If your system has only one Oracle installation, the installer should automatically find the oraInventory directory that contains the information that is used to keep track of the products and patches. But if you have multiple Oracle installations, each of them might have a separate oraInventory, and then you must know and specify the oraInventory location when starting the Oracle Universal Installer.


This might be an useful overview of oraInventory:


On the other hand, if you install IBM's DB2 products on HP-UX, they will come packaged into standard HP-UX .depots and you'll install them with "swinstall"... and so, you can also view the list of installed DB2 patches with "swlist".


I don't know what installation tool SAP uses on HP-UX: if the "swinstall" command is used to install SAP and its patches on HP-UX, then "swlist" will list them. If SAP uses something else, then you must use SAP tools to get a list of SAP patches. I'd check the SAP installation guide first: I'd expect it to have at least some information about how to verify what SAP products and patches are installed.