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Installing perl 5.8.3 with DBI and DBD.

Joseph C. Fisher
Occasional Visitor

Installing perl 5.8.3 with DBI and DBD.

I downloaded the perl 5.8.3 depot, and successfully installed it.

However, it installs under /usr/local/bin by default, instead of under /opt/perl, which is where the old version resides.

The new download only installed a handful of executables under the /usr/local/bin subdirectory, whereas the old version under /opt/perl had tons of executables...

I now have a few additional questions:

1) Why didn't the system install the newer version of perl over top of the old version? I really don't want multiple versions on the box!

2) Why would it install under /usr/local/bin, when the perl executable is normally under /usr/contrib/bin, and the old version is located under /opt/perl/?

3) Where can I download the DBI and DBD from? Do I really need them? Probably, as I am running Oracle...

4) I am getting a /usr/lib/ error, which I believe has something to do with linker and / or dld patches, but that should only occur when I attempt to build the Oracle DBD...

In any case, I'm really confused about the "puzzle pieces" that I need to install, where to get each of them, and what order to install them in... Also, and pre-configuration that might need to be done, before installation...

I can't believe that an HP-UX delivered depot doesn't install everything that's required...

That's one of the things I've come to love about HP-UX...

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Installing perl 5.8.3 with DBI and DBD.

1) If you over-wrote perl 5.6 it should overwrite the old version. Still, its a good practice according to some to swremove the old software first.

2)My Perl 5.8 installed consistently with the prior version. I think. run sweverify and see if you have a problem. Something is fishy.

3) Start here:

4) check SHLIB_PATH and play again.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Installing perl 5.8.3 with DBI and DBD.

1)the older version installed at /opt/perl would have been a manually compiled one from the perl source.

This time you are using the depot file which use installs it as a fileset.
So it cannot find the older version installed on the system

2)The depot package is such that be default it installs at /usr/local/bin.
you should use the change target directory option incase you want it at a different place.

3.For DBD and DBI modules,check

4.add the missing library to the SHLIB_PATH variable.