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MSSQL 2005

Aidan T Holly
Occasional Contributor

MSSQL 2005

I am currenlty trying to connect a system from HPUX 10.2 to MS SQL 2005
I have tried to Connect using PERL and the ODBc Bridge but have run into problems
I have found a Java Driver for MS SQL2005
and I wonder will this work

Peter Godron
Honored Contributor

Re: MSSQL 2005

you don't specify your target platform.
10.20 to -> ?

Also, 10.20 is WAY out of support !

Have you checked the pages at:

Please also read: on how to reward any useful answers given to your questions.
Aidan T Holly
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSSQL 2005

Hello Peter

I know 10.2 is a way out of support but these are the tools I have been given .
The Microsoft SQL Server is on Windows 2003 Server So you can see my issues.

rgds Aidan