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Please help !!! Oracle Datafile creation

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Please help !!! Oracle Datafile creation

In Windows2000, I tried to set up Oracle9i in one server, and create its datafile in another.
I map the second server hard driver into the first server. And I can create text file into this mappped driver. But Oracle setup always fails with "can not create" or "can not open" error message. Please help! Thanks!
harry d brown jr
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Re: Please help !!! Oracle Datafile creation


Check the security permissions. And I'm not sure that having oracle on one server and the database sitting on another will actually work because the timing requirements for oracle are quite small.

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T G Manikandan
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Re: Please help !!! Oracle Datafile creation

Please post the exact error message.
I assume the permissions on the drive where you are trying to create the datafile.

G Manikandan
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Re: Please help !!! Oracle Datafile creation

THis is permission problem.
in control panel -> service at OracleService start this service with administrator ot user that have priviledge to map drive.
(default is SYSTEM in NT)
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Volker Borowski
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Re: Please help !!! Oracle Datafile creation

Oh, oh,

NEVER do this ! If you create/locate a datafile accross the network, just the drop of a single network package will lead to severe problems.

If you are lucky, it is immediately detected, and the datafile will go in to media-recovery state at once, which means you will be able to monitor this and start automatic recovery procedures at once, but it it takes a while to detect this drop, real restores of this datafile might be neccessary.

The only thing I can think of would be the use of a read-only tablespace.

Please buy an additional local disk.