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ServiceGuard / OracleRAC database monitoring

Wim Rombauts
Honored Contributor

ServiceGuard / OracleRAC database monitoring

Hello, we are running an Oracle 10g R2 OracleRAC database. From ServiceGurd, I am monitoring the datbase with command "srvctl status instance -d $DATABASE -i $INSTANCE".
Now I notice that this command launches a java process ($ORALE_HOME/jdk/jre/bin/IA64N/java) and that this java process consumes a significant amount of CPU.
Is anyone of you running any database monitoring (from ServiceGuard or somewhere else) and what commands do you use ?
Honored Contributor

Re: ServiceGuard / OracleRAC database monitoring


i think you could monitor the oracle processes such as pmon,smon,lgwr..etc

the monitor script can be found in the SG ETK.


Chan 007
Honored Contributor

Re: ServiceGuard / OracleRAC database monitoring


One you can do ps -ef |grep pmon |wc -l
if the no of line is less than 1, when alert,

but this is fine from SA side,

but it is better from DBA side to check the DB by log-in, ask your DBAs to give a sql to do this. That will check DB, Listener etc.

Wim Rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: ServiceGuard / OracleRAC database monitoring

Oracle has some "nice" status-check features within the software, like "srvctl status database" and (if you run clusterware) crs_stat.
Only, these commands use too much CPU-resources for frequent scanning of the database status.
I reverted back to my old scanning method that I used on my Oracle 9i databases : Get the PID's of the database processes and monitor the existance of those processes (kill -s 0).