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at command

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at command

Hi!, i've got a problem with the at command.I'm trying to execute the at command using remsh.If i do
#remsh hostname 'at -f filename now', i get "bad specification", and only i dont' get this error message if i writte "ahora" instead of "now".

The problem is that i don't understand why using remsh i need to use Spanish since if i execute the at command localy in both servers
#at -f filename now, it works

could someone help me?
do you think it's a patch??
it's hpux v.11.00
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Re: at command

Check if both servers have the same environement.
The LANG variable is probably set to spanish in your remote server and not in your local one

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Re: at command

In both servers the LANG is set to C.

The strange thing is that if i do in both machines #at -f filename now, it works.

Just using remsh is the problem

Anyway thanks for replying so fast
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Re: at command


What does
remsh hostname locale
remsh hostname set

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Re: at command

ok, that's it.
the output of
#remsh hostname locale and
#remsh hostname set

shows that LANG=es_ES.iso88591.

;=) next question is, how can i change it???