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check_patches SW-DIST error

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Paul Sperry
Honored Contributor

check_patches SW-DIST error

ERROR: The version of /usr/sbin/swconfig on the system does
not provide full support for automatically enforcing
software dependencies on HP-UX patches.
* It is recommended that patch PHCO_23578 (or replacement)
or SW-DIST product version B.11.11.0109 (or higher) be
installed on the system to provide this functionality.
* SW-DIST version B.11.11.0109 is first included on the
HP-UX 11i OE or Application media dated September 2001.

But a swlist shows a newer version is on the system:
# swlist SW-DIST
# Initializing...
# Contacting target "moron"...
# Target: moron:/

# SW-DIST B.11.11.0206 HP-UX Software Distributor
SW-DIST.GZIP B.11.11.0206 Gnu gzip Tools
SW-DIST.SD-AGENT B.11.11.0206 HP-UX Software Distributor agent and daemon
SW-DIST.SD-CMDS B.11.11.0206 HP-UX Software Distributor commands
SW-DIST.SD-EXAMPLES B.11.11.0206 HP-UX Software Distributor Example PSFs
SW-DIST.SD-FAL B.11.11.0206 HP-UX Software Distributor functional area launcher
SW-DIST.SD-FRE-I-MSG B.11.11.0206 French message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-GER-I-MSG B.11.11.0206 German message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-HELP B.11.11.0206 HP-UX Software Distributor on-line help
SW-DIST.SD-JPN-E-HELP B.11.11.0206 Japanese EUC Online Help for SD
SW-DIST.SD-JPN-E-MSG B.11.11.0206 Japanese EUC message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-JPN-S-HELP B.11.11.0206 Japanese SJIS Online Help for SD
SW-DIST.SD-JPN-S-MSG B.11.11.0206 Japanese SJIS message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-KOR-E-MSG B.11.11.0206 Korean message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-TCH-B-MSG B.11.11.0206 Traditional Chinese (big5) message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-TCH-H-MSG B.11.11.0206 Simplified Chinese (hp15CN) message catalogs for SD
SW-DIST.SD-UPDATE B.11.11.0206 Software Distributor OS update script

I tried installing the suggested patch and also
PHCO_27671 but get the save results from check_patches
moron is a :
L1000 11.11 64bit
Paul Sperry
Honored Contributor

Re: check_patches SW-DIST error

Iam stumped too
Armin Feller
Honored Contributor

Re: check_patches SW-DIST error

This issue is resolved with the following patch:

PHCO_27780 11.11 HP-UX Patch Tools

There is no reboot required for this patch and there are no other patch dependencies.

Best regards,
Paul Sperry
Honored Contributor

Re: check_patches SW-DIST error

Wicked Cool that fixed it!
Thanks a bunch
Regular Advisor

Re: check_patches SW-DIST error

I just encountered the same problem as Paul. "Check_patches" told me I needed PHCO_23578 or newer. When I do a patch search for that, I get the "HP rec." of PHCO_25887, and the "most recent" of "PHCO_27671". 25887 would not install at all.
I downloaded 27780 as per the above recomendation, and voila, problem solved.

My question is, why is there zero cross-reference on HP's patch site between 23578 and 27780?

Once again, it's itrc to the rescue!