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core dump error

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core dump error

This question is related to Websphere MQ on a HPUX 11i OS system. We have an application that was working on MQ ver5.3. When we upgraded the MQ to ver6.0, the application seems to fail with the following error:
/usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: dlopen (code) from /opt/mqm/lib/

Was wondering if any of u guys could provide some pointers as to where the problem may be.

Regular Advisor

Re: core dump error

Didi you complete all the pre requisites as mentioned in the MQ installation document?.

I think installing patch PHSS_33037 will solve this problem.

Details about this patch{hpux:11.11,}&BC=main|pdb|search|

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: core dump error

List dynamic dependencies with ldd and chatr.

# where MQ (* executable *)

# ldd -v MQ_executable_path

# chatr MQ_executable_path.

Verify patch dependencies or linking to dynamic libraries in /usr/lib options in $SHLIB_PATH.


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