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ftpd/ syslogd

Ron Cornwell
Trusted Contributor

ftpd/ syslogd

is there a way to redirect the syslog data from ftpd to another logfile, other than syslog.log. Our syslog on our ftp server is very cluttered and hard to read. Thanks in Advance
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: ftpd/ syslogd

You can start ftpd with -i and -o (assuming you are using 11.0 or higher. Otherwise, ftpd is hardcoded to log in syslog. The man page for syslogd shows how to redirect logging messages in certain categories to other files with entries in /etc/syslog.conf. However, you may find that it is easier to write a script to parse out the appropriate messages into other files.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: ftpd/ syslogd

Hi Ron,

Connection logging will still go to syslog.log and I am not sure if you can control it.

If you configure ftpaccess (by adding -a to ftpd line in /etc/inetd.conf), you can get the transforlogs into xferlog. You can also customize the logs a bit better with ftpaccess file.

Look at the "Logging Capabilities" section of ftpaccess man page.

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Michael Tully
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