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informix and xp bc's

Mark Eisenhardt
Occasional Contributor

informix and xp bc's

I need a way to stop writes to an Informix instance, split bc's and resume writes to the instance.

A few years ago I had accomplished this for another customer using bcv's but can not find any of my notes on it.
I remember the sequence of events but the commands are long gone from the brain.
Can anyone advise???
Always on HP-UX Sys Admin
Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: informix and xp bc's

Not exactly what you want. you need to "freeze" Informix first before the lvsplit/bcvsplit, I think you might try

onmode -c block
lvsplit... (bcv stuff, EMC, VA, LVM?)
onmode -c unblock

Tom Danzig
Honored Contributor

Re: informix and xp bc's

Are you refering to the horcm commands to split and resync?

Split = pairsplit -g

Resync = pairresync -g

Wait for one of the above to complete before proceding = pairevtwait

View pair status = pairdisplay -g

Commands are usually in /opt/HORCM/bin