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linking with oracle 9 library

joseph raj
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linking with oracle 9 library

When I am doing a 32 bit link, I am getting following error.

/usr/ccs/bin/ld: /apps/oracle_products/9.0.1/lib/ Mismatched ABI. 64-bit PA

shared library found in 32-bit link.

Does oracle 9.0 has 32 bit libraries?


Re: linking with oracle 9 library

Oracle ships with 32-bit libraries in lib32 directory.

Your SHLIB_PATH should look something like

Oracle 8i shipped with 64 bit libraries, but they were in the lib64 directory. With 9i however, the 64-bit libraries are in lib directory and the 32 bit ones in lib32.

You may also need to change your makefiles.

Hope this helps,