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oracle 8.1.7 run updating hpux

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oracle 8.1.7 run updating hpux

I am planning to upgrade one system from hp-ux 11.00 64bit to 11.11.
On the server there is oracle and I would like know if there are problem to the database after the upgrade. It run without any change or are needed relink libraries (the command is relink all ?)
Is needed to install patches for oracle after the upgrade (which)?

Thanks at all
Jean-Luc Oudart
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Re: oracle 8.1.7 run updating hpux


this thread should answer the question :

BTW Oracle 8i not supported anymore on HPUX.
Also, last version is 8174

fiat lux
Indira Aramandla
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Re: oracle 8.1.7 run updating hpux

Hi Attilio,

As your oracle 8i is it would be better to patch up to the latest release of 8i (
So if you have patch (cumulative, patchset) installed then you can upgrade HP-UX 11.00-->11.11

You need to do this:-
- shutdown DBs and applications
- upgrade OS
- relink all (as user oracle in oracle environment)
- check relink output, if no errors, startup DBs

You will need to perform a relink of the oracle software after the upgrade from HP-UX 11.00-->11.11.

But, in case of upgrading HP-UX 10.x to 11.00 or 11i, you will need to reinstall the whole Oracle software again and use export/import to transfer the data.

In your case you can upgrade the OS and re-link Oracle using $ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink all"

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