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how to check following mentioned permission in oracle

check for the permissions of the /tmp and /var/tmp directories.

They should be 6777.
James R. Ferguson
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Re: oracle


Well, for 6777 your directory would look like:

# ls -ld /tmp

That is, the setuid bit is on (4000) as is the setgid bit (2000) and read/write/execute permissions for the owner, group and world (777).

Normally the '/tmp' and '/var/tmp' directory permissions are set as 1777; that is with the sticky-bit on to allow only the owner of a file to delete it.



A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: oracle

cd /tmp
ls -la
Look for an 's' where the user 'x' bit is normally found (setuid bit, 4000) and another 's' in the group 'x' position (setgid bit, 2000).
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Re: oracle

hi vilas,

6777 is a 4-digit Octal notation method for representing Unix permissions.

With 3-digit octal notation, each numeral represents a different component of the permission set: user class, group class, and "others" class respectively.

Each of these digits is the sum of its component bits. As a result, specific bits add to the sum as it is represented by a numeral:

The read bit adds 4 to its total,
The write bit adds 2 to its total, and
The execute bit adds 1 to its total.

These values never produce ambiguous combinations; each sum represents a specific set of permissions.

Below a few examples of the Symbolic notation in octal notation:

"-rwxr-xr-x" would be represented as 755 in 3-digit octal.
"-rw-rw-r--" would be represented as 664 in 3-digit octal.
"-r-x------" would be represented as 500 in 3-digit octal.

Coming back to 6777, this is a 4-digit form of octal notation. In this scheme, the standard 3-digits described above becomes the last 3 digits. The 1st digit represents the additional permissions. On some systems, this 1st digit cannot be omitted - the 1st digit is then 0.
e.g. 0777

This 1st digit is also the sum of component bits:

The setuid bit adds 4 to the total,
The setgid bit adds 2 to the total, and
The sticky bit adds 1 to the total.

E.g. "-rwsr-Sr-x" would be represented as 6745 in 4-digit octal.

hope this helps!

kind regards
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