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pgsql module for PHP on my 11i box

Simon Galton
Frequent Advisor

pgsql module for PHP on my 11i box

I'm having a tough time figuring out how to enable pgsql integration for the PHP bundled with Apache bundled with 11i (11.11).

I grabbed the source, and have compiled up a module, put it in the "extensions" directory, ensured that the php.ini file reflects the correct extension_dir etc. Still, when I access test.php I continue to see no mention of pgsql support.

After running php-config I noted that the default extension_dir is /opt/apache/php/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20001214 -- so I coped my .sl files to this dir joy.

Any suggestions? I'm getting a little anxious at this point.
Simon Galton
Frequent Advisor

Re: pgsql module for PHP on my 11i box

What I chose to do was put a reference copy of a compiled apache tree in /tmp, then grab and configure php, pointing --use-apache at the copy in /tmp.

I had to ensure that I used --enable-shared and --enable-gcc to make sure that gcc was linked in properly.

Once it was built, I replaced the stock copy of /opt/apache/libexec/ with the .libs/ file, and copied my modules over to the php extensions directory, then updating the php.ini file.

Finally I bundled all these into a depot file in case I get hit by the IT bus...