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problem while installing oracle on hpux 11.31 itanium

Shivakumar D

problem while installing oracle on hpux 11.31 itanium

hi all,

after running ./runinstaller, am getting this

$ Starting Oracle Universal Installer...
No pre-requisite checks found in oraparam.ini, no system pre-requisite checks will be executed.
Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2009-03-14_03-23-12AM. Please wait unzip: not found.

Error in writing to directory /tmp/OraInstall2009-03-14_03-23-12AM. Please ensure that this directory is writable and has atleast 69 MB of disk space. Installation cannot continue.
: Error 0

can anyone pls help me out?...
i ve set umask 022 before running tat cmd..
also there is enough free space is there in tmp dir...
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: problem while installing oracle on hpux 11.31 itanium


Please wait unzip: not found

Or the zip/unzip utility is not installed, or the location of this utility has not been added to the PATH of the oracle installer user.

You can download zip/unzip from;
Include the runtime dependencies in your download.

Install the bunch, add the PATH to your env and restart the installer.